Care Package

I can not even explain to you how thrilled I was to receive this package. One day, I came across the page https://www.facebook.com/crystalsouls/ on Facebook because I am in the process of learning more about crystals. I saw that she sold individualized packages based off your specific spiritual needs. I thought this was brilliant, and jumped on the opportunity.

I reached out to Sam, who runs this group, and told her I was looking for help with depression, anxiety and self love. She then put together a detailed package created just for me and my needs. I find this to be so thoughtful, as everyone has their own specific areas they want to work on and I can truly appreciate how she personalizes the experience.

Everything came beautifully packaged. It was also efficiently packaged as it traveled all the way from the UK to the US! She has ten box options with varying amounts of product, and I chose box 4.

As seen in the photo above, I received 3 healing crystals, a chakra bracelet, necklace and earrings, three samples of essential oils, a Small Himalayan pink salt tea light and a rock that says “ I am Worthy”. I genuinely feel this was put together thoughtfully and with sincere intention. The seller also maintained open communication throughout the payment and shipping process.

I am so excited to dive into all of these goodies. Sam even offered to explain to me how to properly use my crystals and oils which was kind. Check out her Facebook post page and see the amazing, individualized things she has to offer!

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