“Susie Sunshine”

Hi guys!! Today I thought I would write about the new nickname I was given at work. My manager calls me “Susie Sunshine” because she says I am always happy and positive and bring that energy to the HR department. Apparently, the previous person who held my position wasn’t the nicest of people, so maybe she just feels this way because she is making a comparison. Either way, I did take it as a compliment but also found it funny.

The reason I find it funny is because I am so NOT Susie Sunshine, at least not all the time. I do really love my job, and I work in Human Resources, so I feel like I need to be happy and positive. A lot of people view this department in a negative light or feel when they are called to HR, they might be in trouble. I kind of want to change that stigma and bring a positive feeling to our department.

More than that, if you have been reading my blog, then you know I suffer from anxiety and depression. While I may be “Susie Sunshine” at work, there are many times where I spend my drive home in tears because it took so much out of me to keep myself together at work. Aside from my husband and psychiatrist, no one really knows that I get these waves of immense sadness for no reason at all, and sometimes its hard for me to even muster up the energy to get myself out of bed and face the world. There are so many invisible illnesses out there, and I feel like anxiety and depression definitely fall under that category. You never know who is fighting what battle because so many people, like me, can keep it hidden when they feel it needs to be. It is most definitely not without effort. But, I am happy that I am able to keep it under wraps at work because more than anything, I want to excel there and bring positive changes to my department, even if it means I have to start with having a “Susie Sunshine”, positive attitude.

If you are someone who hides what you are going through, please know that you are not alone. Its good to try and keep it together when you can but find your outlet. Ask for help when needed. Do not be ashamed because you have no idea how many people may be fighting the same or worse battles behind closed doors. Always treat others with kindness and empathy because you just really never know what someone may be going through.


I’m always here if you need to vent!

20 thoughts on ““Susie Sunshine”

    1. That’s true! Maybe the nickname is a way to show me I’m on the right path. I agree that hearing it out loud can have a positive manifesting effect! Thank you for reading!!

  1. You have such a great personality, and your a beautiful human being. Your manager saw it right through you! Love you! And keep rocking it!

  2. 🙂 I read a great quote recently that talked about being someone who shifts the energy/makes the environment better when walking into a room. It’s always a nice surprise when you’re perceived better than you thought you were.

    1. That’s true, it makes me feel a little better if I know that the chaos inside my head doesn’t negatively effect those around me. If I have any positive impact, it’s even more of a blessing. Thank you for reading!!

  3. Awww so much feels in this post! You bless others being Susie Sunshine, dear 🙂 I hope you’ll get to have more sunshine than rain moving forward. Sending lots of love your way! :*

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