Top Five Personal Development Books

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I am sorry it's been a while since I have written a real, dedicated blog. I started a new job this week (YAY). It's has me on my toes but I am so, super thankful.


Today, I want to share with you my top five favorite personal development books. Now, I LOVE to read for fun. It is my favorite hobby. However, when it comes to self help or personal development, I prefer to listen. If I try to read, it feels like homework and I am uninspired. But listening, I just really feel like I am absorbing the information, whether consciously or subconsciously. I usually listen driving to and from work. Also, I do whenever I am getting ready to go out or cleaning the house 🙂 These are just some of my favorites but please feel free to share your favorites in the comments section.


  1. Spirit Junkie


This book resonates with me so much. She talks about how for so long she was filled with this inexplicable feeling of fear all of the time and that it something I can truly relate to. She has also overcome anxiety and depression and shares it in a fun and witty way.

2. Mastering Your Mean Girl


Self talk is so important. If I really paid attention to the way I "talk" to myself in my mind, I would never talk to anyone else that way, ever! Melissa really made me understand how to stop letting my inner mean girl bully me and learn to love myself more. Plus, I just love her Aussie accent.

3. The Happiness Project


This book was recommended to me by a good friend of mine and I am so glad she mentioned it to me! Gretchen really breaks it down so easily on how different areas of our life that are in OUR control can be changed in order to increase our happiness. it's actually broken down in 12 months so its a great New Year's resolution idea but its so good, I'd start NOW.

4. The Universe Has Your Back


Surprise, surprise. Gabby Bernstein is on the list again. She's just that good. She really helped me understand my need to surrender my fears and focus on love, faith and trust. I devoured this in a day. Seriously. I even bought a coffee mug that says " The Universe Has Your Back" because I was that inspired. Trust me on this one.

5. The Power


If you are a fan of The Secret, you will love this just as much. The Secret literally changed my life and made me so much more conscious of my thoughts. This book is a continuation of that. It also emphasizes that our power truly comes from love. Another sweet Aussie accent that just soothes me, lol.


Please let me know if you read or listen to any of my suggestions and if they helped!

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