Vulnerable post alert.

I have to say, it’s been almost a year since I have been able to consistently keep up my work out routine. After a year of being consistent, dropping 30 lbs and helping others achieve their goals, I stepped away. Basically, life happened and I slipped back into depression and experienced heightened anxiety. I have been struggling with anxiety and depression for years, but this time I finally realized that I need help. So, I reached out and got some. I am slowly starting to have some more energy and motivation to take better care of myself and do things that I love. Most importantly, I noticed what a negative impact not having physical activity as a part of my daily routine had on my mental health. It’s so important and plays such a major role. That became clear to me as soon as I started to slack off. But, I’m human, I struggle with mental health issues just like so many do and sometimes- we fall off track. I’m just proud of myself for being brave enough to ask for help and steer myself back in the right direction. You know what they say, once you hit rock bottom, the only place you can go from there is up!

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