Let’s Talk Meditation

As someone who suffers from anxiety, my thoughts can often become chaotic and out of control. Recently, I have been attempting to learn how to meditate. Now, for someone whose mind is constantly going going, you can imagine the immense task this really is. So, I did a little research and started very slowly to practice meditation.

Since I am still a newbie, I find it very difficult to merely sit in complete silence and quiet my mind. My thoughts within seconds start to wander. I decided to start with guided meditations instead. I find these to be very relaxing, and great for a beginner like myself. There are so many free guided meditations on Youtube and other countless websites. There are even specific ones geared towards what you are feeling or desire to accomplish with meditation. I opted to download an app on my phone as it seemed most convenient. The current one that I use is called “Simply Being”. I like that you can choose the length of the meditation, the volume of the music, etc. I started with five minutes a day. It really is only a few minutes and when I do it in the morning, I notice a difference in my mood and mental clarity starting my day.

I am by no means an expert, but I have noticed that meditation does help ease some of the symptoms of anxiety I have. If you haven’t tried it before, or thought it to be silly, I say give it a try. There’s nothing to lose and what could be more powerful than learning to control your mind?

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