What I Keep in my Back Pocket

Let’s face it, we all have those days where we feel incredibly down, with no motivation to do anything at all. I have had my fair share of those days. I do have a few things that I keep in mind or “in my back pocket” during dark days to help lift my spirits and I thought I would share them with you all.

1. GET UP.
I know that when I am feeling depressed, just getting out of bed is a true obstacle. Do it anyway. Get up, take a shower and get ready. Even if you don’t plan on leaving the house (although I encourage you to), sometimes just putting yourself together makes a difference. I know it does for me. I personally really enjoy putting on makeup so on days where I am feeling my worst, i try to make myself look the opposite of how I feel on the inside.
2. Find a hobby.
Is there anything you really enjoy doing? I enjoy reading, watching Youtube videos, and have recently taken up painting. I find painting to be so relaxing, therapeutic and pretty rewarding once I’m finished. Now I am no expert or artist, but experimenting with something different allowed me to find a new hobby I enjoy and it really calms my mind. Try out some different potential new hobbies, you never know what you will discover that you actually love and might even be good at!
3. Surround yourself with positivity.
This one is big for me. If you see my work desk, aside from it being obsessively organized, it is surrounded with pictures of loved ones, positive quotes and sayings, and full of bright, happy colors. If you are someone who is on social media a lot, I highly recommend following people who inspire you. And if there are any Debbie Downers of your news feed, I’d hit that unfollow button. (Notice I said unfollow, not unfriend. They won’t know if you unfollow) I am also a huge fan of audiobooks. Like I said before i LOVE reading, but when it comes to self help or personal development books, I prefer to listen. I listen while I drive, while I am getting ready, while I am cleaning, etc. Whether you realize it or not, you are absorbing what you are listening to. I will soon post about some of my current favorite audiobooks.
4.Spend time with the ones you love.
I know that when I am feeling down I really just would rather hide out and be alone. Alone time is okay and needed sometimes. But when you are feeling down, its better to be around people who you know lift your spirits or always make you smile. Our dogs bring me so much pure, unconditional love. They don’t care what you look like or what kind of mood you are in. Their love for you is always the same. I really love to be around them when I am feeling my worst. They warm my heart instantly and sometimes it feels like they take care of me more than I take care of them. Find your person, or furry friend, and spend some quality time together.
5. Find an outlet.
Sometimes we just need to let it out. Some people like to write, others let their frustrations out through exercise or some just need to vent to a friend. Whatever works for you, find a way to release whats stressing you out. If you don’t feel like there is anyone you can talk to about your feelings without being embarrassed or judged, you can always talk to a therapist or counselor. I spoke to a counselor in college when I was severely depressed and that is really what helped me get out of that dark place. Find your method of release. Keeping it all in isn’t healthy and it will just continue to weigh you down.

These are just a few of my tips. If you have anything that is your “go to” on your bad days, please comment below and share!

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