Change is Good

I don’t know about any other women out there but, do you ever feel like a new hairstyle just makes you feel brand new as a whole? Well, I do. I have been on Pinterest for over a year constantly looking at cute textured bob haircuts but have never had the guts (until today) to go for it. My hair is so long and thick, and definitely hard to maintain. While I appreciate that I am blessed with beautiful Asian hair, I am just super low maintenance when it comes to my hair. A midst my ongoing quest of self love and inner peace, I thought what better way to commence the positive changes to come than with a new, fresh look? So many women hide behind their hair and I would rather let my smile and soul shine through instead, If you are on the fence about going for a bold change in your look, go for it. Its just hair, it grows back and in reality-if you rock it with confidence, it will just work.

Here are some before and afters for your visual pleasure (LOL)


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