Random Acts of Kindness

Happy Sunday!

I experienced my very first random act of kindness today and I wanted to share it with you 🙂

My Sundays are usually filled with chores and homework. It was just the dogs and I this morning because my husband is gone this week for training. So, I decided to head over to Dunkin Donuts because well, I love donuts and I wanted something quick so I could get right into my assignments. After placing my order at the drive thru, I pulled up to the window and went to hand my debit card to the cashier when she said “the car in front of you already took care of it”. I said “REALLY?!” What a kind, random gesture. I wish I would have seen who it was or which car at the very least, so I could thank this sweet stranger.

To some this might seem like not the biggest of deals but it was for me. Not just because I love donuts LOL. To be completely honest, before I left my house to go to get breakfast, I checked my bank account. I had $31. I recently switched to part time at work because my current position has given me severe anxiety. With the cut in hours, money has been tight for me. I decided to go anyway, just because I thought it would only be a few dollars and i deserved a little treat. So when someone randomly paid for my meal, I thought wow- there is no coincidence there. The kindness made me smile and I hope that someone returns the favor to this generous person soon.

I think I will start to do little random acts of kindness whenever I am able in hopes that I can brighten someone’s day just as this person did for me. When was the last time you did a random act of kindness or someone did something like this for you? Please share in the comments. I’d love some ideas!


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